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Vertical Corkscrew Wine Opener
  • Quality that Lasts: At Forge we stand by the craftsmanship of our vertical lever corkscrew wine openers with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. Our lever action wine opener uses hardened steel gears and a carbon steel screw (worm) with non-stick coating to ensure flawless performance for years to come.​

  • Lightweight but Easy to Use: Our vertical lever corkscrew wine opener uses a lightweight but very strong zinc alloy handle. The base of our bottle opener is small enough that any size hand can hold it comfortably.

  • Effortlessly Open Wine Bottles: With two easy motions and less than three seconds of time our wine bottle opener can remove both natural and synthetic corks. The lever action of our opener allows a pull strength of less than three pounds to open even the most difficult of bottles.

  • A WARRANTY YOU CAN COUNT ON - Our vertical lever corkscrew wine opener is backed by a three year warranty which covers manufacturing defects as well as damage to the corkscrew. Rest easy knowing that if for any reason your wine opener no longer works you can have it replaced free of charge.

  • A Classic Look Combined with Modern Engineering: With simple but elegant lines and a high-quality finish our vertical lever corkscrew wine opener fits in with any kitchen, bar or restaurant. It also can be a great gift, don’t forget to stock more as a gift for your friends and family. Cheers!

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