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TSA Travel Locks

Theft is a common occurrence in most airports. According to a recent CNN study, 25% of these thefts happen in the baggage handling and storage areas. Protect your valuables by having your luggage locked when it's the most vulnerable. When traveling internationally, locking your luggage also prevents smugglers from using you as an unwitting agent to transport illegal items such as drugs.  This TSA lock is the best in quality on the market.  If you are looking for top quality, this is the right one for you.  100% zinc alloy body is tough enough to survive even the roughest trips.


Baggage handling can be hard on your luggage. With Forge locks you can rest easy knowing that your locks can withstand the worst treatment that the airport can dish out.  Forge locks are also SGS approved, free of lead and other hazardous metals.


Patented red indicator pops up if your luggage has been opened by a TSA agent. Have the peace of mind of knowing if your luggage has been inspected by the TSA during your trip. Our red indicator will let you know if you've been inspected so you can double check to ensure all of your items are intact and present. Forge locks feature a hardened steel shackle that fits a wide variety of items including duffle bags, luggage containers, lockers, etc. Forge locks make a great gift for the traveler in your family! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Forge lock, we offer a complete money back guarantee.

MOST DURABLE TSA RECOGNIZED AND ACCEPTED LOCK. Forge locks are designed from the ground up to be toughest luggage locks around. Our special alloy lock bodies, hardened steel shackles and patented internal mechanisms can take such a pounding that we back our product up with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you can find a way to break these locks, we’ll gladly refund or replace them.

ALWAYS RELOCKED, ALWAYS PROTECTED. Most TSA locks on the market do not need to be re-locked by a TSA agent after their inspection is completed. With our TSA luggage lock the agent has to re-lock your suitcase to remove their key. With Forge you never worry about your suitcase locks being left open again.

KNOW IF YOU’VE BEEN INSPECTED. Know if an agent has opened your TSA approved lock immediately with Open Alert indicator. If an agent unlocks your suitcase, a red indicator will pop-up on your lock under the steel shackle. You’ll know that your belongings were inspected and can double check that nothing is misplaced or missing while you’re still at the airport.

NO HASSLE COMBINATION LOCKS. Set your own 3-digit combination with ease. It literally takes half a minute to enter your whatever combination you want with the detailed instructions and pictures included with the Forge TSA lock.

MANY USES WITH LOTS OF VARIETY. Forge travel locks can be used on a wide variety of items besides suitcases or luggage. These combination locks can be used on a briefcase, gym locker, purse, backpack or laptop bag.

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