• Stand out Without Sacrificing Quality - This black umbrella with an adorable design has a unique umbrella feature: the dog prints will change color as they get wet. This special ink comes to life with vibrant colors, sure to cheer you up when the weather is dismal. Finally, our umbrellas feature a reflective strip on the corners to increase your safety when traveling on dark rainy nights.

  • The Best of Both Worlds with Size and Convenience - Want a small umbrella that's easy to tote around? This foldable umbrella automatically collapses down to a slim 2.1 inches, perfect for a small bag or purse. Want a large umbrella that can keep two people dry? This rainy weather umbrella can comfortable hold two people under it's 42 inch canopy.

  • Designed for Wyoming Wind - Forge LLC is based out of one of the windiest states in the USA. When we designed this umbrella, we wanted something we could actually use here! 9 advanced fiberglass composite ribs and the very strongest 210T fabric make this a weatherproof umbrella that you can depend on.

  • An Automatic Umbrella without the Downside - Automatic umbrellas are popular for good reason: they open and close with the simple click of a button. The downside is that the auto open/close umbrella mechanism is powered by a spring located in the shaft of the umbrella. Collapsing the shaft can be hard as this spring needs a lot of tension on it. Our umbrellas have a unique racheting system which makes collapsing the umbrella a breeze. A very handy feature in very breezy weather!

  • A Guarantee that's Sincere - It's easy to type "lifetime guarantee" into a product description. It's a heck of a lot harder to stand by that guarantee. Forge LLC is an American company that offers a ligitimate, trustworthy three year guarantee that you can actually count on. We WILL replace or refund your order for three years. We are not a foreign seller who will disappear after making an insincere promise.






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